Travel Blog

Below you will find some blogs about my experiences travelling to great places for wildlife photography.

Kiskunsági National Park, Hungary

For several years I have dreamt about going to the world famous farm of Bence Máté in Kiskunsági National Park in Hungary. In june 2017, I finally made it and went there for a whole week with the Swedish wildlife photographer Brutus Östling. ...more

Mara North Conservancy, Kenya

My first trip ever to Africa took place in October 2016 and happened to be a fantastic experience. ...more

Skomer Islands, Wales

In June 2016, I went to Skomer Islands at the coast of southwestern Wales with the main purpose to photograph Atlantic puffins. ...more

Lake Kerkini, Greece

In January 2016, I went to Northern Greece photographing Dalmatian Pelicans on Lake Kerkini. These huge birds with their large gular pouches are fascinating and very photogenic and I returned home with a bunch of great images. ...more

Flatanger, Norway

Here is a blog from my trip to Lauvsnes, Norway in July 2015 to photograph white-tailed sea eagles with the Swedish wildlife photographer Brutus Östling. ...more

Baatsfjord, Varanger, Norway

This is a story about my first ever photo workshop abroad. In March 2014, I went to Baatsfjord on the Varanger Peninsula in Norway north of the Arctic Circle to photograph Arctic Seaducks. ...more